Rapid Prototyping

We create interactive prototypes of mobile apps that approximates the user's experience with the final product.

Our holistic design process allows designers and developers to bring their app ideas to life quickly and intuitively. Through user interaction, user experience, and user interface testing at the early stages of product development, we help ensure a high-fidelity prototype that mirrors the final product.

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We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to ensure your prototypes meet all expected standards.  With us, you can streamline your design process and get your app from concept to production in no time!

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Process of rapid protyping

Rapid prototyping is an iterative process used for quickly creating working models of a product or parts of a product. It can be used to test out new ideas, design and analyze products, and explore different concepts. The process involves the following steps:


This stage involves brainstorming ideas for the mobile app. The goal is to generate as many ideas as possible and then narrow them down to a few that are most promising.


After selecting the most promising ideas, the next step is to create wireframes. These wireframes are essentially rough sketches of the app's layout and functionality. Wireframes can be created using specialized software or even just pencil and paper.


The design stage involves creating a visual design of the app. This design should be based on the wireframes and should take into account the branding and user interface design guidelines of the client.


In this stage, a clickable prototype of the app is created. This prototype should be functional, but not necessarily fully developed. It should be used to test the user experience and identify any issues that need to be addressed.


Once the prototype is created, it should be tested with a group of users. This testing can be done in person or remotely. The feedback received during this stage should be used to improve the app's functionality and user experience.

Development & Launch

Once the prototype is tested and refined, the app development process can begin. This involves coding the app and integrating all the features and functionality. The final stage is to launch the app. This involves submitting the app to the app store, where it can be downloaded and used by users.

Create interactive prototypes of mobile apps

This holistic approach enables them to bring their app idea to life quickly and intuitively

Bring a concept to life

Rapid prototyping helps streamline the entire design process, enabling developers to bring their app from concept to production faster than ever before.

Create your start-up app faster

By using a prototyping tool and taking into account user feedback, designers can create a high fidelity prototype that closely represents the finished product.


Things, you probably wonder.

As a company that provides rapid prototyping as a service, here are some commonly asked questions

Why is rapid prototyping needed?

Rapid prototyping is an essential part of the mobile app development process. By allowing designers and developers to create an interactive prototype that closely reflects the user's experience with the final product, rapid prototyping allows feedback to be taken into account early on in the design process. This helps to ensure that the finished product meets all of the user's requirements before it goes into production, saving time and money.

How long does rapid prototyping take?

The length of time it takes to create a rapid prototype will depend on the complexity of the app. However, typically a basic prototyping process can take anywhere from a few hours to days depending on how many stages of user feedback and design iterations are included.

Why is a startup app prototype needed?

Start-up apps require a prototype in order to validate their product concept before they invest resources into building it out. A prototype helps founders gauge the market’s interest in an app and allows them to test their ideas quickly and cheaply. By prototyping early on, start-ups are able to define their product’s features, identify areas that need improvement, and make changes more efficiently. Robotics designers also find great benefit in using prototypes for testing before releasing the final version of a product.

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