Emerging Tech (AI & AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two leading technologies that are revolutionizing the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. By leveraging these advanced technologies, businesses can create innovative experiences for their customers — bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

We strive to develop innovative solutions that can be tailored to suit individual customer needs so that they can unlock the full potential of their businesses in a simple and effective way. From virtual assistants to language processing, immersion experiences, and augmented reality, emerging technologies are transforming businesses!

AI is one of the most significant emerging technologies today

Machine learning algorithms are helping develop artificial intelligence that can understand natural language, create immersive experiences in virtual or augmented reality environments, and even influence physical outcomes in the real world.

Machine learning algorithms are helping develop artificial intelligence that can understand natural language, create immersive experiences in virtual or augmented reality environments, and even influence physical outcomes in the real world.

Stay ahead of the curve by embracing the latest AI and AR technologies.

Emerging Tech (AI & AR) Services

At Flynaut, we provide end-to-end coverage, from infrastructure management and cloud deployment to application maintenance or even custom product development. Here is what our process looks like

Custom application development

From comprehensive system designs to software engineering, our team of experts can help you create a cutting-edge solution that fits your needs perfectly. Unlock the potential of AI/AR with custom application development from Flyanuttoday!

Application maintenance

Our experienced team of tech experts will provide ongoing support to ensure that your systems are always functioning at their peak performance. We'll provide regular updates, troubleshoot any problems, and optimize your applications to make sure they're equipped with the latest features and technology. With our application maintenance services, you can rest assured that your AI/AR projects are in good hands.

Custom product development

We leverage the latest technologies and cutting-edge tools to ensure that you get the most out of your AI/AR applications. From comprehensive system designs to software engineering, our team can help you build an innovative product that stands out from the crowd.

Strategy planning sessions

Our experienced team of consultants will sit down with you to explore all the options available and develop a strategic roadmap for your project. We'll identify areas of improvement, plan out the necessary steps, and provide guidance every step of the way. With our strategic insights and expert counsel, you can efficiently bring your AI/AR dream to life.

Infrastructure management and cloud deployment

Our team of cloud engineers will help you choose the right platform for your project, build out the necessary infrastructure, manage resources efficiently, and deploy your solution in no time. We support all major cloud providers to ensure that your application is running smoothly and securely in a cloud-based environment.

Technical support for post implementation testing and debugging processes

Our experienced engineers specialize in troubleshooting and debugging AI/AR applications, perform unit tests to confirm system performance, evaluate codebase for compliance and security, and assist with bug fixing. With our team of experts on hand to offer assistance, you can rest easy knowing that your solution is functioning correctly.

Maximise the impact of your business!

Create a solution tailored to your unique needs. With custom application development, you have the freedom to design a system that meets all your objectives while minimizing time, money and resources.

Empower your business

Innovate, automate, build and empower your processes with our AI solutions.

Solve business problems

Solve business challenges and tap into new revenue streams by using emerging technologies to your advantage.


Things, you probably wonder.

AI and AR are rapidly changing technologies, so it's important for app development companies to keep up with the latest trends and be prepared to answer any questions that arise. Here are some of the most common questions asked in AI and AR marketing:

What are the potential uses of AI/AR technology?

As an app development company, we recognize the immense potential of AI and AR technology in creating innovative experiences for our clients. AI and AR can be used to enhance existing applications, such as providing intelligent virtual assistants or augmented reality features. With these technologies, businesses can also create entirely new products that leverage machine learning and computer vision to deliver personalized services or immersive gaming experiences. Additionally, AI and AR can be applied to a variety of industries, from healthcare to retail and beyond.

What resources do I need to implement a successful AI/AR strategy?

To implement a successful AI/AR strategy as an app development company, a few key resources are necessary. First, you need to have access to skilled technologists who understand the intricacies of AI and AR development. Second, you must have an experienced product team with a good understanding of user experience and design principles to create engaging experiences for customers. Third, you should work closely with marketing experts to ensure that your application is reaching the right audience in order to maximize ROI from your investments. Finally, it's essential to stay on top of rapidly changing industry trends so that you can keep up with the competition and remain competitive in this rapidly developing field.

How can I maximize ROI from my AI/AR investments?

As an app development company, there are a few key steps you can take to maximize your ROI from AI and AR investments. First, ensure that your product is built with user experience in mind. This means creating applications that are easy to use and intuitive for customers. Second, develop marketing strategies utilizing data-driven insights about customer behavior to better target the right audience and increase visibility of the application. Finally, closely monitor usage analytics to identify ways to optimize performance and increase customer engagement and monetization opportunities.

How do I ensure privacy and security in my AI/AR applications?

As an app development company, it is essential to ensure privacy and security in your AI/AR applications. First, it is important to establish a set of transparent policies around user data collection and usage. Secondly, incorporate industry best practices such as encryption, two-factor authentication, and tokenization to protect user data during transmission and storage. Finally, make sure that your development team is aware of the latest security protocols for properly coding and testing the application for any vulnerabilities or threats.

Are there any regulations or ethical considerations associated with using AI/AR technology?

It is important to be aware of any applicable international, federal, state and local laws regarding the usage of personal data, particularly when it comes to user profiling and automated decision-making. Additionally, it is essential to consider the ethical implications of using AI or AR technology to prevent possible misuse or abuse such as discrimination or exploitation. Adopting a set of responsible design principles can help ensure that your applications comply with all necessary regulations while also taking into consideration ethical issues that come with the use of AI and AR technologies.

What steps should I take to ensure that my application meets industry standards?

First and foremost, we ensure we incorporate a set of coding best practices such as secure coding, code reviews, and automated testing into the development process. Additionally, we select an appropriate technology stack that follows industry standards for security and performance. Lastly, we have experts who guide us on the best ways to approach security concerns, compliance requirements and general development optimization.

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