Web Application Development, Mobile App Developers Company in Charlotte

August 28, 2020

Web Application Development, Mobile App Developers Company in Charlotte

A comprehensive suite for all your digital needs

Technology has taken over the entire world into its stride, from website development to mobile apps and web applications, etc. entirely change the way of business. With the evolution of technology, comfort and ease is something everyone is aiming at. Flynaut Best Web Application DevelopmentMobile App Developers company in Charlotte

In the last few decades, the customer journey has transformed drastically. Starting from buying the thing from shop to shop, people now prefer making online purchases. Saving time and being productive is the new MANTRA of life. Thus, everyone likes using easy methods to buy products and avail services.

Life has become pretty simple in the ever-evolving digital world. Reaching audiences across the globe was never so easy, had not it been the digital technology that too in such a short span of time. Seamless communication is the most significant gift of technology. The digital world has transformed and shaped up the modern world. With a few clicks and make a call, do virtual meetings, get feedback from a pool of people, shop, sell, socialize, share data, educate, learn, and run the entire business online. Billions of people are using the internet today, and using information highway is the easiest way to achieve the targeted goals if maneuverer by a professional and experienced organization.

Scratch to end

To start from scratch, it is essential to find a competitive and diligent team because hiring a novice will be a waste of time and money. A well-designed website with powerful features helps to communicate information, processing orders while collecting essential customer data. It saves time, resources, and money!

Above all these, automation makes the tasks gliding smooth. It’s a great way to boost credibility, brand awareness, and generate additional revenue.

Web Application Development Company in Charlotte

Running a business is always accompanied by challenges like reducing costs, increasing sales, and productiveness. No business task is easy. The endless to-do-list never with added stress to handle employees and customers can be frustrating. Having a web application for a small to large scale business can be a lifeline for an organization.

A web application is a computer program built with web technologies like:

  1. (HTML, CSS, JS)
  2. Stores (Database/Files)
  3. Manipulates data (Create, read, update and delete CRUD)

This is used by a team and customer over the internet via a web browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome, and often include a registration and login mechanism.

Web applications are defined by input, like creating, reading, updating, and delete data within a web application.

Websites are defined by their output, like product information, read the news, marketing information, and FAQs on websites.

However, both can be integrated to automate things. For example, frontend web development is used to display the information meant for users. Content Management Systems (CMS) is a web application from where the website’s entire content is managed.

What can you do with a web application?

  1. Collect data, analyze then, generate reports sitting anywhere
  2. Generate reports in charts and graphs
  3. Easy functionality informs the customer about the orders and budgets.
  4. Gain access to the personal information of customers like name, address, their likings
  5. Quickly motivate and train employees.
  6. Know your employees & customer better.

Advantages of Web Applications

  1. No need for any special software or hardware; all you need is the internet.
  2. Cuts the costs (telephone bill, printing material, no cumbersome hardware set-up)
  3. Data is centralized, hence no issue of data loss and recovery
  4. Easy to make changes to inventory and prices
  5. Be available 24 X 7
  6. Operate from smartphone
  7. Works on any platform, any machine like Windows, Mac, etc. any browser.
  8. Having a web application allows up-gradation by adding modules, and features are legitimately onto a server.

Web application development process

  1. Define the problem you are solving
  2. Plan the workflow of your web application
  3. Wireframe/prototype your web application
  4. Receive Validation
  5. Choose tools/platforms/frameworks
  6. Build your web application
  • Database
  • Frontend
  • Backend

Are you looking for a web application in Charlotte? We are a company specializing in web application development in Charlotte.

Importance of a Website APP Development Company in Charlotte

Do those website builders for cheap rates fascinate you? Go ahead and try them, but we are sure you will regret it later. Had they been so successful, the market would have a new web designer born in Charlotte very minute; why would website development companies still exist?

A lot goes into developing a website from planning, building, maintenance, and market them in many cases. Today, users want to find the desired result in seconds, so a website should be quick to load, fast to process orders, quick to be seen on search engines, etc. Speed is essential, and users expect to see things quickly. To manage everything, you need an expert hand. Are you looking for a website development company in Charlotte? Contact us for website development advice.

With a website development company, you can expect the following:-

  1. Get full design access & control.
  2. Increases brand awareness
  3. Save money on advertising campaigns, invest in SEO
  4. Answer FAQ on the website that will save time
  5. Confirming credibility
  6. Run referral programs and discounts coupons
  7. Your website works 24X7

We are trained to build from simple to complicated resolve complex business challenges. You can trust us to find user-friendly solutions that are efficient, flexible, and easy to maintain, and perform flawlessly across devices, browsers, and operating systems.

SEO and website development go hand-in-hand

Web design and SEO are interlinked and closely dependent on each other. It is essential to understand and adhere to the SEO principles such as search engine friendly websites, fast loading, which should deliver value to the user. So basically, SEO starts with the incorporation of the web design services process.

Web design impacts the user experience, so create a website with a structure that offers excellent user experience and how search engines will crawl and understand a website and its content. The whole idea is to deliver value to the user while keeping search engines in mind without compromising the website’s look and feel. The following are some basic principle:-

  1. Well-planned Site Structure and Information Architecture
  2. Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Design
  3. Usability and User Experience
  4. Easy-to-Read and Navigate Design
  5. Web Design Optimized for Conversions and tracking
  6. Site Speed Design
  7. Optimize Images

Mobile apps – the explosive way to boost sales

Mobile apps are uniquely designed & programmed for smartphones that work both in iOS and Android operating systems. Apps can have fewer or more functions, but they provide users with quality services and experiences. Features of mobile apps can be decided on the usability and type of audiences.

With the advent of smartphone technology, things are becoming easier and more compact. People prefer operating from mobile phones instead of booting computers to shop online. Hand-held devices are being widely used and are convenient to operate. Mobile apps are easy to install and gives access to personal information at a single go. Now, suppose you are into a business of selling products. In that case, a responsive website may not work efficiently; instead, a full-featured mobile app will be comparatively easy for customers to use and easy to track.

 Why think to go for mobile apps?

  1. Mobile Apps are lighter & faster.
  2. Allows building close customer relationship with custom-tailored features
  3. Create compelling, personalized messages based on a user’s interest, behaviors, location, culture, etc.
  4. Send instant messages & push notification drawing user’s attention and boost sales by creating emergency sales & discounts. Create a FOMO.
  5. Users can access apps even offline and complete the transaction when online. People prefer apps that work even in the absence of the internet.
  6. Mobile apps increase communications between customers, staff, and vendors, etc.

The need and the solution

If you are looking for website development, web application, and mobile apps in Charlotte, call us or visit our office. We guarantee to provide personalized support and satisfaction irrespective of the type and size of the project. With years of expertise and industry know-how, our team is trained to achieve nothing less than the best.

The development of a mobile app can be daunting; thus, it is essential to understand the process for all who are looking to build their mobile apps.

Focus on concept and business model

The idea of mobile development is always exciting, but it requires a lot of patience and perseverance. The idea of a business model must deliver value to users; for example, Instagram came with a unique idea of sharing amazing picturesque photographs, saying everything will be a photograph. Uber connected drivers and passengers, these apps may not do many things at the same time but do one thing that is their core functionality.

The idea is to make the core concept simple and successful; expansion can be done in phases. What important is not to confuse the users with a lot of many options. All popular mobile apps do simply one job for powerful traction. We help you to focus on areas that will help you get maximum downloads.

 Identify your Competition

The next phase in mobile app development is to know what extra you can give than your competitors. We understand competition is healthy, and the market with competition has scope to thrive. At Flynaut, we help to think out-of-box to get most of the traction.

It is essential to understand that the concept should be mindboggling or have a healthy competition, so people are at least aware of the concept.

Plan and Validate

After deciding the core idea and finishing up with researching, it’s time to make a realistic, feasible plan and, most importantly, gain traction. UI and UX are different and have different roles to play. Design-oriented UX is for users’ understanding of the product. UI is more interface-oriented for ease and engagement of users. Our UI/UX designers are passionate app developers who scale up your ideas to create the highest quality mobile app development service.

We help to create a detailed plan for your platform with wireframes and clickable prototype. App development takes about 12-20 weeks of development. Since you will work in close relation with a team, it is important to hire a team expert in mobile development.

 Quality content to optimize web application, website, or mobile app. 

You must have noticed all the successful websites have compelling and fully optimized quality content.

  • We work closely and communicate with you on how your website could communicate best with its audience.
  • No brand becomes a brand due to its product, but due to the story behind it. So the content should efficiently and dynamically be able to convey the story.
  • We research and identify the best keywords and phrases that will get you maximum traction to your site and increase engagement rate, resulting in bringing the users down from the top of the sales funnel to be at the bottom of the sale funnel.
  • Understanding search engines working, content plays a significant role, thus updating the content becomes a thumb rule.
  • Content must reflect commitment and desire for excellence, and we excel in that.

Security & Quality Assurance

Security testing and quality assurances are our core principles on which we have been striving for years in this industry. We ensure to provide a comprehensive approach to testing every project before deploying it.

Our quality assurance team constantly reviews the quality of the app and the process. After passing through all the automated and manual analyses and testing is ready for the final release .

Waiting to server you!

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