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Clairon Metals




Outlier Cannabis Extraction’s original website was not finding the traction it needed to make a difference in their market. Crowded and confusing, their digital design was lacking the order needed to make logical sense to new visitors. Because the brand handles multiple facets of the business, there was a lot of overlap between their research and engineering divisions, and this created some miscommunication among new users. This translated into high bounce rates and low lead generation, and what should have been a thriving business was finding it difficult to compete in their space online.



Because of the two sides of Outlier’s business, Flynaut proposed the separation of their website in order to direct the right users to the right side of the business. This allowed them to create two similar layouts that were compiled of completely different information but were branded to be clearly in cooperation. By setting aside two business websites to handle each side of Outlier, the content became less overwhelming and more succinct with the message each were trying to communicate.



While dividing a business’ online business into two separate sites is not always the right choice for a brand, the outcome of this separation was very positive. Users who were looking directly for Outlier Analytics did not need to wade through Outlier Engineering information, and this helped to lower the bounce rates on both sites. Additionally, the clear cohesive branding of both websites made it obvious that these two websites worked in cooperation with one another, so there were no negative effects based off of dividing the information. Overall, the brand as a whole saw improved website traffic on both websites, as well as more “hot” leads coming from the right sides of their business. This allowed the right team to handle these leads quicker and with more efficiency.

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