11 Facebook Marketing Tips for Advertising on Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube and Instagram present a goldmine of opportunities for improving your business. Facebook Marketing provides a rare and excellent platform for marketers to introduce their brands to the public and potential customers. There are several ways advertisers can use Facebook for an efficient advertising experience. These include traditional techniques and Facebook’s own advertising platform.


1. Use Audience Optimization Tool
The audience optimization tool helps publishers improve the relevancy of their posts to their intended audience. This tool is vital especially for companies operating in different localities with audiences who have different cultures. This tool can enable you to tailor your message to make sense to all of your audiences. It can make specific posts visible only to users within a specific are location, users of a specific language or age and gender. All your users of varied demographics see only messages relevant to them when they visit your page.


2. Keep the Journey to Your Products Simple
Provide a seamless experience to your users by being straight to the point. If for instance, you are luring users to shop a particular brand product of your company talk them directly to the sale page. Be specific and direct in your marketing. Many brands do not consider this aspect of social media advertising and they may drop the user at their homepage from Facebook so that they start looking for the action themselves. Simple and direct marketing is more effective.


3. Make Use of Life Events
Life events of people on Facebook can help you achieve a more refined reach with your advertisement. For instance, if you are a gift shop you will be looking at birthday dates or ‘engaged’ statuses when you market your birthday gifts, wedding rings, and dresses. All this information is on every user on Facebook and if you integrate this information into your marketing strategy.


4. Invite Your Email Contacts
You can use Facebook, Twitter or any other social media to cultivate a fruitful relationship with your email subscribers. By meeting them on Facebook, you get to know a great deal about them and you will likely be more abreast to them than via email. Put your email in your auto responder and invite your new subscribers to follow you on Facebook or like your page. Make it worth their time by providing information that they could not get elsewhere.


5. Avoid Drop Offs
To boost the effectiveness of a Facebook ad limit the drop offs as much as you can. Drop offs occur when users are directed from the ad itself to a campaign-specific page. Driving the users to a landing page is usually trick as many users are never willing to leave their platform to complete the action, as is usually the case. You can use Lead Ads. It allows a user to complete a lead capture form without leaving Facebook. However, ensure still that the content stays relevant to the brand and your advertisement or else the users will leave.


6. Combine Various Marketing Channels
You can use SEO combined with organic advertising, search advertising and social media advertising for increased responses. This way you not only raise awareness of your brand on Facebook but as your audiences will become interested. They will search for you on Google and soon afterwards, you appear top of the list. Consider why certain posts went viral and which strategies were in play to make it viral. Design your organic and paid efforts accordingly.


7. Monitor Results and Competition
Monitor your outcomes to ensure that you get the desired results of advertising. The results may not always be measurable but include brand maintenance and good reputation management. Take regular visits to your competitors’ pages and know what they are doing. You can even direct message their customers and see how they perceive your products versus your competitors. Whatever your competitor is doing just do it better? A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.


8. Provide Quality Content
Become an expert in your industry. Imagine all questions that a consumer would ask and provide the answers on your page. Content should always be growing, evolving and updated. Design your product messages according to individual and group needs and demographics. If you run a flower shop for example, on your Facebook page create categories under subheadings such as valentine’s flowers, funeral flowers, graduation et al so that customers can follow the links that concern them. Simply take HD photographs of your clothes and upload on Instagram with captivating tag lines if you run a clothing store. Upload a quality video of your products on YouTube and embed these links to your other accounts.


9. Remarket
Pass the message about your brands to your former customers again. The remarketing capability on the Facebook’s Ad platform allows you to reach users that previously interacted with your brand. This strategy helps you sustain loyalty and stay top of their minds. The power of remarketing enables you to create another touch point that sparkles a new conversation that will often spin to new users through their friends.


10. Use Influential People on Social Media
Look for social media influencers to help launch or market your brand. They have thousands and even millions of followers. A single post from them gets thousands of comments. You can use them as your brand ambassadors. Strike an understanding with them to mention your brand on their tweets or Facebook posts and post a link.


11. Encourage Feedback
Use your business’s Facebook or Twitter account to forge a personal relationship with your customers and get their feedback. Upload product information and manuals on your social media pages. Be prompt to respond to messages and highlight the issues customers raise about your products in chat rooms. Keep up with trends to see customers like in their products. Start small online polls and questionnaires on your social media site. For a new product, upload a quality image or video of it and tease your audience. Pick your audience’s brains on new brand ideas before releasing. This way you will know how to improve your products from their feedback.

The Rise of Digital Marketing: Why You Want to Learn The Ins and Outs?

The rise of the Internet has resulted in opportunities for all businesses to grow through uniquely digital methods. Digital marketing is, quite simply, marketing in ways supported and enhanced by digital technologies. No matter your industry or your goals, taking a digital marketing course can only help your career.


The big advantage to marketing digitally as opposed to more traditional methods is the potential to reach more customers. Thanks to the Internet and search engines, making your company, product or service known in other regions or countries where it never would have been heard of otherwise has never been easier. Branching out across your own country, as well as into others, will create a greater client base for you, and therefore, more revenue.

But a bigger audience is not necessarily what you want. You want to get your product or idea in front of the people who will be most likely to buy or act on it. Marketing digitally gives you a better means to establish and reach your target audience. Obtaining digital marketing training will ensure you properly engage with that audience.

Just about every company has a Facebook page or Twitter account. Harnessing the power of social media can get your idea, business or product in front of countless eyes without much expense or effort thanks to retweets and shares. Utilizing social media for marketing has simply become the norm; everyone in business needs to have some grasp of the process.

Knowing, but also controlling, how information spreads through the Internet will be invaluable in the future. Digital marketing training will help you better understand the concepts of digital marketing so your own product or business can thrive. Even if you are not a part of the business world, grasping the concept will help in other areas, such as when running a fundraiser for your favorite non-profit or trying to land a job. Creating your own personal “brand” online (how you market and present yourself) can open doors once closed to you.

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5 Ways to Improve Digital Marketing Campaigns for Small Business

It is important and also wise that any organization, regardless of type or size need to continue adapting the best marketing strategies for them to have any relevance in this ever dynamic market. In short, businesses need to ensure that they recognize the online nature of modern customers and their preferences. This can be done by introducing and establishing a formidable digital marketing strategy.

Although competition in business is stiff, embracing digital marketing can be a great way to even out the competition. Being able to work with the current trends may also prove vital in achieving online marketing success.

Why Digital Marketing?

It’s almost impossible to survive in this mobile and internet age where digitalization has taken over in almost all fields. It is impossible for a business to succeed without digital marketing services, irrespective of its size. In fact, smaller businesses need digital marketing strategies in order to gain visibility and even grow faster.

Without the best and current digital marketing strategy, your business may end up losing to its opponents. This will bring about the lack of potential sales and as well as online sales opportunities. This strategy is an online marketing key to today success and without it, your business will lack behind. In order to reap more from online marketing, you need to also understand some of the strategies that can easily yield success within a very short period. Read On!

Ways to improve your online digital marketing

  • Make Your Homepage Visual
    Make your web page attractive and compelling to customers at all time. Let them take enough time looking at what you are selling or servicing without hurry. You can use images together with videos to effectively relay your message. This is very essential especially in retention of very impatient users or first-time customers.
  • Ensure that your message is mobile friendly
    There has been a constant increase of internet users due to advancement in technology. People can now access the website via mobile phones, laptops, and even tablets. Having a mobile website will help you get more traffic that frequently uses phones. This way, you get to fish from everywhere possible without letting any stone unturned.
  • Focus on the content
    It’s a fact that advertising through magazines, newspapers and even televisions in now becoming irrelevant. Diverting your resources to digital marketing will yield success. To improve your website and keep the content up to date, ensure that you give your potential customers the very best. Capitalize on great content, SEO, and even quality to attract more buyers.
  • Harness Online Video Power
    The best tool at hand for any marketer is the use of videos. Online videos have been used in the last few years, and they have become a must have for serious websites. You can improve and move to success by embracing the same technique.
  • Get Social and Let people know that your business exists
    For you to be marketable, you need to advertise. Digital marketing can help you do so through media. You can create a page on the website or even link your website to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media websites to create awareness.

Digital marketing can make your dreams a reality if only you are up to date and ready to embrace every available technique for your own advantage. Remember! The best way to defeat your competitor is to always think outside the box. Are you thinking outside the box?

At FLYNAUT, we ensure that you get what it takes to rocket your business. Our job is to help alleviate some of that stress and allow you to concentrate on what you do best. Our job is to ensure that you have enough knowledge of digital marketing so that your business can grow online. Contact Flynaut for more information about digital marketing.