5 Ways to Improve Digital Marketing Campaigns for Small Business

It is important and also wise that any organization, regardless of type or size need to continue adapting the best marketing strategies for them to have any relevance in this ever dynamic market. In short, businesses need to ensure that they recognize the online nature of modern customers and their preferences. This can be done by introducing and establishing a formidable digital marketing strategy.

Although competition in business is stiff, embracing digital marketing can be a great way to even out the competition. Being able to work with the current trends may also prove vital in achieving online marketing success.

Why Digital Marketing?

It’s almost impossible to survive in this mobile and internet age where digitalization has taken over in almost all fields. It is impossible for a business to succeed without digital marketing services, irrespective of its size. In fact, smaller businesses need digital marketing strategies in order to gain visibility and even grow faster.

Without the best and current digital marketing strategy, your business may end up losing to its opponents. This will bring about the lack of potential sales and as well as online sales opportunities. This strategy is an online marketing key to today success and without it, your business will lack behind. In order to reap more from online marketing, you need to also understand some of the strategies that can easily yield success within a very short period. Read On!

Ways to improve your online digital marketing

  • Make Your Homepage Visual
    Make your web page attractive and compelling to customers at all time. Let them take enough time looking at what you are selling or servicing without hurry. You can use images together with videos to effectively relay your message. This is very essential especially in retention of very impatient users or first-time customers.
  • Ensure that your message is mobile friendly
    There has been a constant increase of internet users due to advancement in technology. People can now access the website via mobile phones, laptops, and even tablets. Having a mobile website will help you get more traffic that frequently uses phones. This way, you get to fish from everywhere possible without letting any stone unturned.
  • Focus on the content
    It’s a fact that advertising through magazines, newspapers and even televisions in now becoming irrelevant. Diverting your resources to digital marketing will yield success. To improve your website and keep the content up to date, ensure that you give your potential customers the very best. Capitalize on great content, SEO, and even quality to attract more buyers.
  • Harness Online Video Power
    The best tool at hand for any marketer is the use of videos. Online videos have been used in the last few years, and they have become a must have for serious websites. You can improve and move to success by embracing the same technique.
  • Get Social and Let people know that your business exists
    For you to be marketable, you need to advertise. Digital marketing can help you do so through media. You can create a page on the website or even link your website to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media websites to create awareness.

Digital marketing can make your dreams a reality if only you are up to date and ready to embrace every available technique for your own advantage. Remember! The best way to defeat your competitor is to always think outside the box. Are you thinking outside the box?

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What You Need To Know Before A Website Redesign

Website Redesigning or moving it to a new platform is going to be something which every business owner will have to go through, it can either be today or tomorrow. Each year, new trends are and web capabilities are introduced and there are significant chances that your competitor might have gone for the upgrade already. If you don’t go for these upgrades, you will experience a decrease in the traffic.

So, before you really begin with the website redesign, there are a lot of things that you have to be aware of… listed below are some of them:

Starting with a baseline – Website Redesign

How can you measure the impact of changes to your website if there is nothing you can measure it against? If you think measuring the change in traffic is a good idea, then know this that it’s not enough. The traffic report is never a comprehensive picture of learning how your website is performing.

There is a lot more that you have to document and incorporate in your baseline and that includes


  • Keyword ranking
  • Calculating the average value of each goal
  • Completing contact forms
  • E-commerce revenue tracking
  • Number of Downloads for the product trails and even whitepapers

The metrics that you use may vary according to your business, but you have to keep this thing in mind that getting traffic does not always mean customers. They can be just visitors so you can’t really measure anything on the basis of mere traffic.

Deciding what to redesign?

It is going to be a tough decision to think over redesigning. You will have to add and eliminate some pages, change the content, and do other manipulations. But before you do that, you need to be sure what you want to remove and add.

Here are examples of redesigning
  • There might be such pages on the site that have low inbound links. They would need to redesign the more. Before removing or adding any link, check its quality.
  • What if there is content on one page but it does not have a high-quality inbound link, just move the content to a new page. It would be a great idea to first look how that page/content is performing.
  • Mark the pages that you need to design and see what content you want to eliminate and what not. This will make it easier for you to understand what SEO changes you are supposed to make.

Work on the Search Engine Optimization

Once you know what pages need redesigning, it is time that you start working on the Search Engine Optimization. If you have your search engine optimization set, you will always have happy customers.

Here are some factors that you must consider:


  • Get a responsive web design or a mobile friendly website
  • Work on the loading speed of your website
  • Check if the on-page content meets the SEO requirements
  • Add keywords in the title tags and Meta descriptions

Make everything relevant to the users because if it does not impress your customers, it is not worth it.

Go for the launch!

The next thing you need to do is hire a developer and a designer to get started with the work. It is time to say goodbye to the old site and launch the new site and deliver some value to your customers.