What do the most popular apps in the world have in common?

May 22, 2020

When we talk about Mobile applications (Apps as they are popularly knows as), there are a thousand ideas that come up every day, and an equal number of these are shot down even faster than they emerge. So what is it that differentiates these successful apps from the ones that don’t make it? What is it that sets them apart and makes them an instant hit among the audiences WORLDWIDE? To get into the skin of the matter, let’s first take a look at Business Insider’s list of top performing and most used apps in 2017 to see what are these successful apps that we’re referring to –

  1. Facebook
  2. Youtube
  3. Facebook Messenger
  4. Google Search
  5. Google Maps
  6. Instagram
  7. Snapchat

We’re sure you have at least 3-4 of these apps installed on your phone, and with good reason too. Facebook for example, is a no brainer. It created a demand, where there was none. Before Facebook, social networking wasn’t really a hobby or a past-time and was more about getting a message across on a need basis. Now, the scenario has changed all together. Facebook did a great job by creating a need where there was none and then solving that problem for the people by providing them with the perfect solution – The Facebook App.

So what is it that makes these apps different from the ones that don’t work? The answer is a few successful traits that these apps have in common –

  1. It should solve a problem – The app should solve a particular problem, and add some value to the user’s life. It should lead to such a scenario, that the user cannot imagine their life without that app. Can you imagine life without scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed? Hard to imagine isn’t it? Well that’s what makes the app such a rage and made its founder a billionaire in such a short time.
    Before creating your app, ask yourself whether it’s solving the masses’ problem and actually addressing a pain point that has been troubling the consumers. The case was similar with Whatsapp’s rise and it taking a lead in the instant messaging race over the previous giant, BBM, that had huge appeal but limited usability.

  2. Easy to use interface – The app should be easy to navigate and have a user friendly interface so that the consumer does not face any hassles while accessing the app. The most successful and popular apps are those with the smoothest and simplest navigation. You should not try to be too fancy or too complicated with a layer of steps, because that ends up confusing the consumer and ultimately affecting his user experience negatively. Invest in building a fantastic UX so that even a 5 year old kid can pick up the smart phone and access it with ease. Not only does this increase your customer base and loyalists, but also expands your opportunities and gives you an edge over competition.

  3. Don’t go Cross Platform – There’s no shortcut to creating a good app. Developers should try to stay away from indulging in going cross platform and stick to the platform that it was initially built for. That way, they can juice out the complete potential of that particular platform.

  4. Frequent Updates – There’s one thing an app can’t afford in today’s times and that is to go obsolete. The most successful apps all have one thing in common, they are constantly bettering themselves and coming out with new updates to better their user experience and relevance so that they don’t get out of date.

  5. They’re FREE – Surprisingly all the successful and frequently downloaded apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp are all free. They develop sustainable business models so that they don’t need to charge their users for downloads per se but end up making their profits anyway.

  6. Incredible support System – You can’t have a famous or well-known app without a strong support system and incredible response rate to keep the customers happy and resolve any grievances that may arise or any technical issues that they may face. Facebook is again a great example of the same, right from reporting dual accounts to getting profiles verified, the team is always on their toes to make sure that things remain under control and the user remains satisfied.


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