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Mastering Your Mobile App Marketing Strategy: A Step-By-Step Guide

August 31, 2020

Your business needs a mobile app and more importantly mobile app marketing.

Eighty-seven percent of mobile smartphone users spend time on apps. Google and Apple had a combined 33.6 billion app downloads at the start of 2020. And the average user has forty apps installed on their phone.

But once your app gets developed what’s the best way to market it? How do you make it stand out from the crowd?

In this article, we look at the best mobile app marketing techniques you can use to promote your app. From creating a marketing plan to optimizing your store, you’ll discover how to promote your business brand.

Read on to become a mobile app marketing master.

What Is Mobile App Marketing?

Marketing your app is all about interacting and engaging with your potential and existing customers.

The marketing funnel journey starts with acquiring new users to engage with your app. Activation sees interested users downloading the app to signing-up for your email newsletter.

That leads to the final stage of retention where the goal is to make your app a regular part of their lives.

Mobile App Marketing Strategies

A good marketing plan sets out in a clear way what you want your app to achieve and how to implement it.

Here are 3 strategies that your plan needs to address for the best chance of making your app succeed.

1. Research Your Client Base

Getting to know your users is the first step in your marketing journey.

Begin by researching your competitors. Go to both app stores and search for your chosen keywords and phrases. See who comes out on top then download their apps.

What makes your competitors so special? How will you be different?

To help answer these questions, read the app reviews. Don’t stick with the app stores either. Use social media and Google to discover what people say.

Take note of the demographics as that will determine how you will convey your own marketing message.

2. Market From the Start

Many businesses believe marketing begins when you’ve something to sell. Yet that’s not accurate.

Many users want to see ‘behind the scenes. That includes how the app is developed. So why not promote development milestones on your website or YouTube?

Running polls of requested features can also increase engagement and ownership. If your users believe they’re part of a product they’re more likely to invest in it.

Teasers and trailers also boost excitement closer to launch so use social media to promote the date in advance.

3. App Store Optimization

Take time to create the best app store presence possible as it’s your virtual storefront.

Include images for phones and tablets of different sizes. If possible, add a video and link to it from YouTube. Research the best keywords to use and place them in your description and title.

Don’t forget to check your spelling and add your logo to promote your brand. Then link to your store from your website and social media pages.

Mobile App Development and Marketing at Flynaut

Mobile app marketing promotes both your application and brand to the world. But it’s a mammoth task and one that requires the right approach and time to get right.

Flynaut is an award-winning digital agency that specializes in mobile apps.

We are also app developers and provide mobile app marketing solutions that work. Our offices in New York and Charlotte create unique products for both mobile and web platforms.

Whether you need a native iOS or Android app or a hybrid solution, Flynaut is ready to make your apps fly.

To get started, talk to our friendly team today. We will help market and push your mobile app so high it will reach the stars!

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