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How Push Notifications Can Help Your Brand

June 29, 2020

Picture this: it’s been a long day, and you’re going through your notification bar, mostly deleting unwanted & annoying alerts that have done nothing except pester you the whole day. As you swipe them away, a singular notification catches your eye. It’s smart, witty, and gets to the point in less than 15 words. You think about it for a second before opening the notification and checking it out, and voila! You got yourself a conversion. Now that’s what a good push notification can do for your brand.

They may seem inconsequential at first, but push notifications are one of the top techniques for increasing conversions, boosting engagements, and retaining your customers. Let’s find out how.

Know Your Target Audience

A basic yet crucial step before embarking on witty one-liners for your notifications, identifying your customer base goes a long way in tapping into exactly the kind of market you’d want to supply to. This is called target audience segmentation. A good idea to tailor your content according to your audience is to use a good, trustworthy & efficient customer data platform, along with a product analytics tool. This combination will give you precise, accurate numbers that allow you to have an in-depth insight into what your audience is talking about. You can then customize your notifications based on a variety of factors such as the audience’s web history, e-commerce purchases, engagement with other channels, etc.

Metrics, Metrics, Metrics

Before you get to work, take a step back and consider the how and why of your campaign. Why is your campaign needed? What value is it going to add to your customer’s lifestyle? How will you track or measure the success of your campaign? What are the key metrics involving a successful campaign? Questions like these will help you have a clear goal in mind for your notifications, thus making them to the point and hitting that sweet spot. Defining your metrics, such as app opens, purchases, logins, conversions, clicks, etc. will help you narrow down on a call-to-action (or CTA) that determines what’s best for the overall performance of your campaign. 

Find Your Frequency

No one likes constant notifications, that’s why we have an option to turn them off. How to ensure campaign impact without bombarding your customer? Frequency caps! Set a frequency limit for how many notifications, alerts & emails your campaign sends to the user. For example, you can set a cap of 2 emails and 3 push alerts to be sent to a customer within a week’s time. This way, you retain your customer’s attention while sporadically providing necessary updates.

Make An Exception

Create exception events that ensure a push notification is sent only if the customer hasn’t completed action in a determined amount of time. For example, if a customer has added something to the cart but hasn’t made a purchase even after 4 hours, the exception event will trigger a push notification reminding the said customer to complete the purchase. However, if the customer ends up completing it before the 4-hour window, the push notification won’t be issued. This prevents your brand from possibly over-notifying and annoying your customers.

So far, we’ve looked at all things your brand can do for a successful push campaign. But of course, as with anything in the world of marketing, there are always a couple of things you don’t do.

Here’s what to avoid:

Don’t Lose Touch With Current News

As a brand, it’s absolutely pivotal for you to stay up-to-date with everything around the world that’s relevant to you and your customer. Regular assessment and reviewing of your campaigns can help you point out any gaps in your communication that keep you from staying relevant and well-versed. This is especially relevant given the current global crises, and delivering messaging that doesn’t focus on something so ubiquitous would seem tone-deaf and insensitive.

Don’t Underestimate Quality

Again, basic but impactful: set a strict guideline to be followed for quality checks. Most companies have a specialized QC team that ensures each campaign is thoroughly reviewed prior to its launch. This prevents any possible malfunctions and keeps potential foot-in-mouth moments at bay. Who doesn’t need that?

Don’t Ignore the Operating System

Stay updated with any changes from Android, Apple, or your OSs in order to manage and finetune your campaigns accordingly. Working in tandem with your OS will ensure maximum engagement and campaign success.

So, there you have it: a quick lowdown on how push notifications can be your brand’s best friend. As more and more brands turn to the digital world to increase profits and maintain their customer engagement, mobile users will now not only be impressed with your brand’s quick adaptability but will also look forward to purchasing from you.

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