App Development Trends for 2019

January 12, 2019

We’ve come a long way since apps were first introduced. In fact technology in itself has changed so much since then! If we take a look at just the evolution of mobile phones and their usage in the last decade, do you see how your dependency has increased to a point where some of us even have our entire careers on them?

Can you remember the last time you woke up without checking your phone first thing in the morning? Or the last time you saw a delicious looking plate of food and actually took a bite before Instagramming it? Yes, that’s how dependent we’ve grown to become on our smartphones.

 Guess what? This is only the beginning.

With further research and developments, and new technologies like AI coming into the scene, mobile apps are soon going to take over the digital space. Let’s take a look at the upcoming trends in App developments in 2019.

1. Developing Cloud-Based Apps

Desires are many, features are even more, but storage is limited. To tackle this, present-day mobile app development has taken to cloud management. Google Drive is a prime example, and so is Dropbox. Mobile apps are now looking at cloud storage instead of phone storage so that users can download them without worrying about storage issues on their phones. Another benefit of using the cloud is that you get privacy.  As a guarded cloud, the personal information of corporate workers is secured from threats.

2. Blockchain-Based Mobile Apps.

Blockchain was initially caught under the radar with crypto trading happening on the down low, but now the BFSI is trying to regulate this stunning innovation with a layer of security to stop the illegal players and regulate transactions. From control and processes and security, this tech is planned for managing the banking industry.

As indicated by a research-based site, the worldwide Blockchain distributed ledger is supposed to develop approximately $5,430 million by 2023 (which isn’t really too far away!)

3. Instant apps

Instant applications are as recent as 2016.

These apps enable users to use an application right through the Google Play store which means there is no need for downloading and installing the full application. This development enables the user to check the application a lot quicker without using any space on the smartphone’s memory! So just browse, use, and you’re done! Although a nearly new idea, we can expect big things to come in this segment, owing to the simplicity of use and hassle-free nature of this trend.

4. Wearables!

Smartwatches, wristbands, smart glasses, footwear that tracks your activity, and even clothing! With the fitness revolution in full swing, the demand for wearables has increased greatly in the last 5-7 years. Right from Nike Running to newer and smaller players, devices have been designed to be synchronized with applications operating on mobiles.

For health and fitness applications, it’s obvious to include all of your information within the simple reach which is a smartphone.

This buzzing trend incorporates both the number of devices used to keep up a healthy life, i.e., smartwatches and fitness trackers, and those intended to screen vitals for chronic patients – cholesterol, blood sugar, and pulse meters.

Our projection is that the demand for mobile application development for wearables will go upward in 2019.

5. Artificial Intelligence

This is actually a consolidated trend of both artificial intelligence and machine learning.

If it were possible, AI would be the 8th wonder of the world and you know that’s true. To get machines to emulate a human being on any given level is a monumental feat. As indicated by the International Data Corporation, it is assessed that the market for AI is going to be at $40 billion till 2020. Up until now, the manufacturing and medical sectors have taken incredible steps to advance proficiency through AI. This is because of the high precision and capacity to grab real-time events.

A little more human insight is required, but the scope for growth is immense.

6. Advanced Augmented & Virtual Reality

Mobile apps efficiently use advanced features like insanely clear cameras that blur the lines between the real world and the virtual realms, almost like a portal for crossing over.

Virtual reality and augmented reality have ventured out of the domain of games and are getting to education platforms, design showrooms, eCommerce devices, and meeting spaces too.

How many of you remember the Pokemon Go Revolution? Teens walking all around town pointing their cameras on the road, ‘catching’ Pokémon out in the open? That’s only a glimpse of what this technology is capable of.

With virtual reality, you could shop in a virtual shopping center or people can test-drive a new vehicle, and even a global team can hold a meeting in a virtual space (like the Star Wars conferences!) With augmented reality, a doctor can project the patient’s x-ray directly over their body while doing an operation, so it’s always before their eyes! Both of them use hardware features vigorously, enabling developers to build incredible user experiences.

7. Mobile payment integration

Do you agree that cards are getting to be pointless since the period mobile payments have come into existence? Our mobiles are steadily transforming into our wallets as well. A lot of us get out without carrying our wallets because we know we can make payments using applications like Paytm and Google Tez. Demonetization in India too had a big role to play in empowering the e-wallets and mobile payment gateways.

Mobile banking administrations are changing the financial business environment. Furthermore, online shopping is getting prominent. An ever-increasing number of buyers are shopping by utilizing their mobiles. It is a quicker, simpler, and progressively secure method for spending cash.

We can safely anticipate welcoming an increasing number of amazing mobile services for payment purposes this year.

With so many developments in the mobile app space, we too are encouraging businesses to develop their own app! Are you a business looking for a business plan and app development strategy? Get in touch with us at 833-FLYNAUT and let’s start building your dream together!

We’ll be back soon with more informative and interesting articles from the world of technology, stay tuned!

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