10 Online Business Ideas to Invest in During & Post COVID 19

September 09, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has created significant challenges for entrepreneurs and businesses around the world.

Small and large brick-and-mortar storefronts have had to close their doors. Online businesses have also been impacted, as consumer behavior has changed.

As time passes, these changes driven by COVID-19 have created new opportunities for entrepreneurs looking for home business ideas. There are a lot of new opportunities for online businesses, in particular.

Keep reading to learn about ten of the most promising post-pandemic investments you can make now.

1. Pet Marketplace

As more people find themselves in flexible work arrangements, they’re adopting more pets than ever before.

People are now showing up in droves to foster pets, as they have more time at home to dedicate to them. In Los Angeles, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has placed 70% more animals in foster care. Another organization, Best Friends, reports the same phenomenon.

There are now opportunities to start a new host of pet-related businesses—everything from food, grooming, and toys, to TV channels for dogs.

Tools to communicate with pets and virtual dog training courses are also good ideas. If you have experience with mobile app development, creating resources for pet owners is a lucrative business idea.

2. At-Home Beauty and Wellness Alternatives

With stay-at-home orders and recommendations in place, people are getting more comfortable with perfecting their at-home skincare and haircare routines.

At-home haircuts are no longer taboo—in the UK, clipper sales are up 200%! More and more men are shaving their heads instead of risking a trip to the barber.

Businesses that can provide products or resources to help make DIY beauty a reality now have a space in the online realm.

There are several small business ideas to consider here: selling beauty products, offering custom training services, creating new online beauty communities, and more.

3. Fitness and Health Products and Resources

It’s hard to find opportunities to be active during a lockdown. Even as the economy begins to thrive, and the US opens back up, people will be looking for ways to lose the “Quarantine 15.”

Sure, fitness centers have closed, and people are missing their morning workouts. However, they’re also missing the low-level activity they used to experience throughout the day.

Even if you have a sedentary desk job, you’re still walking from your car and back each day. At home, we may not even be getting that much activity.

If you’re interested in app development, consider creating an app that reminds people to move throughout the day, or provides easy, no-equipment workout plans.

As people are looking to lose weight, they’re also interested in cooking healthier. Consider subscription-based recipe services and calorie trackers.

4. Gaming Products

Video games have always been a go-to activity when people need an escape from the outside world. Between March and April 2020, the Nintendo Switch game Animal Crossing sold over three million copies—not counting digital downloads.

The popularity of the game led more consumers to purchase Nintendo Switch consoles, which sold out in many global retail outlets.

If you’ve ever wanted to design a product that enables connection through video games, now is your time. Games that encourage world-building scenarios, such as Animal Crossing, also allow people to socialize. These opportunities to bring people together will drive business growth post-pandemic.

5. Home Improvement Solutions

Businesses selling materials to support self-sustainability are thriving through the pandemic and will continue to afterward. In April, Home Depot’s shares were up 4.21%, and that’s because more consumers are learning to tackle projects on their own.

Consumers are particularly interested in growing their own vegetables and herbs. There’s even been an increase in learning plumbing techniques due to toilet paper shortages.

Marketplaces that connect willing handy DIY-ers to homeowners, such as TaskRabbit, will thrive as new alternatives will emerge.

6. Virtual Bars

Here’s an idea that’s entirely new in 2020: a virtual conferencing bar.

Imagine a bar that encourages people to stay home, but also allows people to cross borders to meet people and have a drink.

Online bar experiences can feature trivia nights, quizzes, cook-a-longs, and puzzles—the opportunities are endless. Not only does an end-of-day happy hour offer consumers the routine they’ve been mourning, but it can be a lifeline for those who feel lonely working at home.

If you’ve ever considered opening a brick-and-mortar bar, imagine a virtual social network to allow people to start conversations, share drinks, and make friends in a virtual setting.

As we’ve mentioned previously, any business idea that gives people an opportunity for connection but keeps them safe at home will flourish moving forward.

7. Online Education Opportunities 

Are you good at explaining things to people? What about helping them understand vague ideas? If so, consider becoming an online tutor or creating e-learning opportunities.

To start an education-based business, you’ll need to have some expertise in a subject and a passion for sharing information.

While business is slow, many people are taking the extra time to take courses in subjects that interest them. Kids need tutors as they struggle with virtual learning at home.

You can even start tutoring foreigners who want to learn English or share educational content on niche topics such as e-sports or farming.

8. Healthcare Delivery Service

The healthcare industry has seen a notable hike in demand through the pandemic, especially the pharmaceutical business.

People with underlying conditions or those with the virus struggle to get to pharmacies to purchase necessary medicines. Stores are running out of products that are critical to some people’s survival.

Online pharmacies and health delivery services aren’t new, but they’re in high demand. While you don’t need to have a doctorate to start a business in the healthcare industry, you’ll need to have reliable sources.

You must ensure the items you’re selling are the real deal—not counterfeit. Healthcare is nothing to be taken lightly, as you’re influencing the lives of others.

9. Online Grocery

Food is a basic need for every individual—whether it’s a single college student or a family of five.

As people are leaving their houses less and less, grocery stores are struggling with getting their products to consumers. According to a Coresight Research survey, nearly 50% of respondents revealed that they tried online shopping for the first time because of COVID-19.

What this has done is make consumers realize that a lot of their grocery shopping consists of replenishment-type items that can be easily handed off to someone else. Having someone else do your grocery shopping is a convenient time-saver that used to be a luxury, but now is leaning towards the norm.

Investing in an online grocery store or delivery service is beneficial during this time, as you’ll be helping people meet basic needs for survival while providing convenience.

10. Social Media Consultancy

If you consider yourself a social media expert, why don’t you set up a consultancy to help other businesses thrive on various platforms?

There are over 3.2 billion people on social media, which presents a broad potential audience. Instead of wasting time browsing the internet, you can put your time to good use by re-branding yourself as a consultant.

To become a consultant, you should compile a portfolio and case studies to prove your expertise. Having a blog or other channel such as Medium will also help you stand out and allow you to meet potential clients. Relationship building can take time, but becoming a consultant requires constant networking.

You’ll have a leg up on your competition if you also have photography experience and knowledge. Many companies require social media consulting but also need help managing visual platforms and product photos—all of which help them sell their products and services.

A consultancy isn’t for everyone—nor the faint of heart—but if you have a background in social media marketing and expertise, this may be a profitable route for you.

Let Us Help You Get Started with One of These Business Ideas

Even now, when it seems like the world is falling apart, there are millions of potential online business ideas.

Maybe one of the start-up ideas discussed above is right for you, or do you have something else in mind? Whichever route you choose, now is the perfect time to get started.

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